Snow Goose

Weird Indie Pop out of Kansas City, MO

Snow Goose is the project of Logan Smalley, Kansas City-based composer, producer, improvisor and vocalist. It is meant to be an outlet for the many points of interest and influence that form the basis of Logan’s musical expression — their history performing choral music and musical theater, obsession with pop music and culture, and an incessant drive toward experimentation and improvisation. Stream-of-consciousness lyrics are underscored with themes of Logan’s lifelong fascination with the mystical and material wonders of the natural world, as well as the human story of struggle and solidarity.

The name “Snow Goose” is inspired by Logan’s trips to the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge, where the migration of millions of snow geese can be observed each year. Snow Geese are not a threatened species — indeed, there are conservation orders in the US and Canada meant to cull the population of Snow Geese, where the populations of their natural predators has been decimated by human activity. These efforts have not been successful, and the population of Snow Geese has continued to increase, causing further destruction to the tundra ecosystems of their breeding grounds in the Hudson Bay region of Canada. Snow geese migrate in flocks that can contain tens-of-thousands of individuals, and when they take flight together they vocalize in unison creating a thunderous noise that can be heard for miles.

Other influences include: Birds (in general), cicadas, the literary works of Jeff VanDerMeer, Star Trek, maps / satellite images, 80’s New Wave, David Lynch, being queer, Yayoi Kusama, Lodge 49, trains, and cats.

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